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Typical Test Set Up With 2 Stub Coupler (DBP 20010)




The Notebook Computer functions as the Bus Controller (BC) to execute a pre-established test. The DBP20010 coupler becomes the created bus having two (2) 78 ohm terminators attached to the bus ports and the BC and Unit Under Test (UUT) attatched to the stub ports.

  • Cable is MIL-C-17/176-00002.

  • Cable assembly connectors are PL75 type plugs.

  • 78 ohm terminator (P/N RT500078) is 2 watt, 1% tolerance.

  • BJ77 Bulkhead jack is the most common interface. For other connections see (Hardware/Adaptors)

  • CJ70 cable jack (see Hardware/Adaptors) is typically used to create a "break point" or used to lengthened existing cable assemblies already installed.

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